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Our strategy

Consistency and continuity

From Vision 2015 …

At the right time, Vision 2015 united us behind a set of choices, targets and values. It provided us with an important focus as a Group helping us to prioritise our actions. The achievements of the past three years are important stepping stones in a journey that continues.

The right plan
at the right time

A long-term stakeholder approach as the key to sustainable growth

ambition 2018

... to Ambition 2018

Ambition 2018 sets out our strategic plan for the next three years with 7 strategic choices, 5 refined targets, and 6 values. The plan reflects the achievements of Vision 2015 and what it will take to ensure continued success in the future.

If it matters to the business,

it matters to HR

“People make the difference at Ageas. We want to make sure that we always have the right people in the right place at the right time. HR partners with the business to make that happen, ensuring that employees receive the support they need to thrive not just today but also in the future.”

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Jozef De Mey, Chairman of Ageas

Eddy Debrulle
Group HR Director

“Ageas is a company where individuals can make an impact by the things they do.”

Ageas Academy will help deliver Ambition 2018

Ageas has launched an initiative to set up a new bespoke training and development platform – the Ageas Academy – in response to the challenges highlighted in our Ambition 2018 strategy. It is a business led initiative that will be deeply embedded in our organisation and governance model, and accountable to the business. Hans De Cuyper, CEO of AG Insurance, adds that “the Ageas Academy will form a cornerstone to transform our promises to partners into success stories.”

As part of our work around Ambition 2018, we recognised that the world of insurance is going through a period of substantial change. To be successful we have to embrace new skills and new technical capabilities. The Ageas Academy provides us with a platform to help make that happen. We are also investing, through the Academy in the leadership of Ageas, putting people at the top of our Ambition 2018 agenda. Through a process of continuous improvement and by challenging our senior management and high potentials, we are ensuring our future.

A platform underpinned by collaboration and partnership

The development of the Academy is a powerful example of cross collaboration and partnership on a major scale. HR plays a critical role as the facilitator of this initiative, but the programme is strongly supported by the most senior levels of management from the COO to business and functional areas and external partners. And while local training programmes already exist, and will continue to do so, the concept of the Ageas Academy allows us to take things to the next level.

The good news is that an abundance of experience already exists across the Group and through our external partners. We needed a structure that would enable knowledge sharing in a more disciplined way. And where new skills are required, we will import the right expertise and expose our senior managers to the latest thinking around a range of future oriented topics.

A shared learning environment that differentiates us

The Academy will increase collaboration and will further improve skills by exposing management to best practice through many different mediums. It also represents an opportunity for our partners. Our external partners will share their expertise across the Group, but at the same time these same partners will tap into this unique learning environment to enhance their own capabilities. It is a shared learning experience that differentiates Ageas and enhances our efficiency and our response to the customer. Hans De Cuyper, CEO of AG Insurance, stresses that “Partnership is part of our DNA and the Academy allows us to spread our leadership learnings on partnerships into the genes of our organisation.”

The Academy will be structured around three faculties: Customer Focus and Business Development; Leadership and Management; and Risk and Finance. Each faculty has a dedicated senior business sponsor responsible for content to ensure its relevance to our strategic objectives. As a bespoke and “invented here” Academy the programmes offered will reflect the strategic priorities of Ambition 2018. The work of the Academy will extend beyond the classroom to include learning partnerships, online and virtual programmes, platform events and a dedicated website.

The formation of an Ageas Academy provides us with a visible platform for group wide knowledge sharing and it will help to keep us firmly focused on delivering against our Ambition 2018 priorities.